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Selected Exhibitions  
1988 One man show, La Dolce Vita, Florence.  
1991 Set design for the dance piece Taki Maki of the programme‘Danza Primavera’, Florence.  
1992 One man show, Caffé Voltaire, Florence.  
1994 One man show, Pegaso Club, Florence.  
1995 One man show, Municipal exhibition hall, Palazzo della Torre,
Greve in Chianti (FI).
1996 One man show, Space Inokashira, Tokyo.  
1997 Painting commission for a dance piece Decameron produced by Tatsuo Mochizuki Dance Company, Tokyo.  
2001 One man show, Fragments of Infinite, Hônen-in temple, Kyoto.  
2002 One man show, Tazze? (Bowl?),FYR arte contemporanea, Florence.  
2003 Open Studio ‘Work in Progress’, Montefioralle, Greve in Chianti (FI).
  Group show, “Colours of Tuscany”, Gallery 10, Washington DC, USA.  
2005 Two persons show, “Terra e Aria” (Earth and Air) – Alessandro Nutini and Tomoko Jindo, Italian Institute of Culture, Kyoto.  
  One man show, “Terre di Toscana”(Lands of Tuscany), Mitochu Koeki Gallery at New Otani Hotel, Tokyo.  
  One man show, “Terre di Toscana”(Lands of Tuscany),
House of Art, Kyoto.
2006 One man show, “Inspirations”, Consulate General of Japan at Milan.  
2007 One man show, “Terra Mater”(Mother Earth), House of Art, Kyoto.  
  Group show, the 7th Ecology Earth Art 21, Museum of Modern Art, Saitama.  
  One man show, “Metamorphosis of VAS”, Arton Art Gallery at Museum of Kyoto.  



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